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Welcome to Eye Was Framed Eyecare
Your Optometrist in Orland Park, IL.

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Welcome to Eye Was Framed Eye Care! We are Chicagoland’s premier eye care center and are based in the southwestern suburb of Orland Park, Illinois.  Because your eyes are important to you and your daily life, their health and function are important to us!

Many people think of their eyesight as the most important of their five senses, but may not get a regular eye exam!  A proactive attitude toward your eye health will not only allow you to see clearly today but will prolong your vision and eye health throughout your lifetime and as you climb into your golden years.  At Eye Was Framed, an Illinois Eye Care Center, we are proud to offer all-inclusive vision care for patients of all ages - children, teenagers, adults, and seniors.

Most children do not receive an eye exam more personalized or in-depth than the most basic of exams offered routinely in their schools.  Much can go undetected because of this widespread oversight. The result being visual impairments that could have been treated, and perhaps prevented, from worsening.  Eye Was Framed Eye Care, Illinois welcomes and encourages parents to bring their young children for comprehensive exams.

As we age, our bodies change.  We grow more prone to ailments we hadn’t been concerned with in the past -- our eyes are certainly no exception!  With time, eye screenings are more and more important in order to discover signs of glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration.  Early detection will lead to a higher quality of life.

Eye Was Framed is a full-service eye care Illinois health center.   Dr. Dawn Tuminello, and her staff are here to address your concerns and keep your eyes bright and eager to experience the world.  We offer routine screening, glaucoma screening, emergency eye care, and eye disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention.  Of course, we have contact lenses and eyeglasses as well as specialty contact lenses, all customized for your individual needs and style.

If you are experiencing trouble seeing, notice a difference in your eyesight, or are in need of a routine vision screening, contact us today.  Feel free to call us at 708-460-2020 for more information or to make an appointment that will be convenient for you.  We also welcome you to drop by if you are in need of eye care brochures, basic vision information, or would like to lean more about our professional eye care Chicago, Illinois eye care center.

Dr. Dawn Tuminello
Orland Park Optometrist | Eye Was Framed Eyecare | (708) 460-2020

Orland Park, IL 60467